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The Satchel - Wabi-Sabi (Black)

The Satchel - Wabi-Sabi (Black)

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Things don’t need to be perfect, to be beautiful. There’s a beautiful Japanese concept called ‘Wabi-Sabi’ which motions us to constantly search for beauty in imperfection and accept them as they’re! Once we started looking around, we found Wabi-Sabi in everything in life and nature. Just like this bag that’s inspired by the natural formation of marble.


  • Made with 100% organic cotton fabric
  • Waterresistant recycled PET bottle inner lining to keep all your essentials safe. (8 bottles recycled)
  • Structured cotton cord tube handles & detachable crossbody strap for comfortable carrying
  • Overall zip closure with 2 storage pockets, 1 zipper pocket, key holder & a bottle holder


  • One bag that we guarantee will be your lifeline
  • With a large zipper compartment, it has enough space to carry everything you can think of (and some emotional baggage.. JK!)
  • You asked for pockets, so we're giving you 2 open pockets, 1 zipper pocket, 1 key holder and a bottle holder
  • Comes with normal carrying handles and an adjustable crossbody strap
  • Waterproof inner lining to keep your phone and earphones safe and sound
  • Works perfect for everyday use, as a work tote or for a day out

Outer material: Water-repellant 100% organic cotton

Inner material: Recycled plastic bottles

Dimensions: 11 inches x 8.75 inches x 4.75 inches


  • The satchel crossbody bag is made using organic cotton, which has lesser water, energy and CO2 emissions
  • The inner material is made using recycled plastic bottles (4 bottles recycled!)
  • We only use certified organic and recycled materials in all our products
  • All inks and dyes are azo-free and completely safe for humans and the planet
  • Made with love in EcoRight factories that are socially, ethically and environmentally audited (SEDEX 4 pillar)
  • Read more about our sustainability here


  • Do not wash this bag, instead wipe with a damp cloth
  • Not too hot! Please let your bag air dry (cold iron if needed)


  • Your order will be dispatched within 1-2 business days
  • At EcoRight, we are fully committed to the quality and sustainability of our products, each of which is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards
  • If, for any reason, you're not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we're here to help. No questions asked!
  • To initiate a return, simply reach out to us at or log into your account within 7 days of your purchase.
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  • Ecoright's Commitment Towards Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Using Sustainable Materials

    A material difference

    We like materials with a conscience that are good for you and the planet. Organic Cotton, Recycled Plastic, Jute and Biopolymers are sustainable, fun, and versatile materials. All our inks, dyes, and packaging are also environmentally friendly.

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  • Sewing Machine at Work - Ecoright's Ethical Production Ensures Fair Wages, Equal Opportunities, and Safe Working Conditions for Craftsmen

    Everyday is Sun day!

    We are powered by the sun (quite literally)! We use solar energy to power our facilities, which keeps us away from fossil fuels which is a total win-win! We also practice rainwater harvesting, so that not a drop of rain goes to waste. This makes us happy.

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  • Ecoright Solar Panels - Harnessing Clean, Renewable Energy to Power Our Eco-Friendly Facilities

    Made by Happy Humans

    Each EcoRight product is crafted with love in certified ethical facilities. This means equal opportunities, fair wages, up skilling opportunities and high levels of safety. Our facilities are certified SEDEX (4 pillar), FairTrade, Organic and Recycled.

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Unlocking EcoRight Secrets: FAQs

What eco-friendly materials are used in the construction of the EcoRight Stylish Satchel?

The EcoRight Stylish Satchel is crafted from 100% organic cotton canvas, a sustainable and eco-friendly material. Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides or chemicals, resulting in a lower environmental impact compared to conventional cotton. By choosing this eco-conscious satchel, you are supporting environmentally responsible practices and reducing your carbon footprint.

How spacious and functional is the EcoRight Stylish Satchel for daily use?

The EcoRight Stylish Satchel offers ample space and functionality, making it perfect for daily use, whether for work, school, or casual outings. The satchel features multiple compartments, including a large main compartment, interior pockets for smaller items, and a keyholder to easily access your essentials. Its versatile design ensures that you can conveniently carry your belongings while also making a stylish and eco-friendly statement.

Can I carry this Satchel bag by EcoRight to work or casual meetings? How many design options does it provide?

The EcoRight Satchel offers a wide range of stylish designs, patterns, and colors to cater to various tastes and preferences. Made from 100% organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles, this eco-friendly satchel combines fashion and sustainability, allowing you to express your personal style while also making an environmentally conscious choice. The satchel features a sleek and timeless silhouette, versatile enough to complement both casual and professional attire. With an ever-evolving collection of designs and themes, the EcoRight Satchel ensures that there's a perfect option for everyone who values both style and sustainability.

How should I care for my EcoRight Stylish Satchel to ensure its longevity and maintain its appearance?

To properly care for your EcoRight Stylish Satchel, it is recommended to spot clean or wipe with a damp cloth. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners, as these may damage the organic cotton material. After cleaning, reshape the satchel and air-dry it completely to ensure its durability and maintain its appearance. Regular care will help prolong the life of your eco-conscious satchel while keeping it looking its best. Store in dust bag when not in use.