Your guide to being sustainably sassy- everyday essentials for the slow fashion savvy

The internet is indisputably flooded with an awful lot of articles on fashion, styling tips, fact fashion-shopping sites, But when it comes to slow fashion and sustainable fashion brands, you can quite literally count them thrice on your fingertips. Type the combination of sustainable, ethical, vegan or organic, on your Google search engine and your luminous screen will radiate at you the same run of the mill brands over and over again. Well, finding the really good and reliable ones is not an easy task and since you have landed on this article, you owe it to yourself to go through this if you are looking out for stuff that is sustainably sassy.

This is almost like your best friend or your next door aunty asking you, where have all the good guys gone? Well, you might or might not have an answer for this but you can certainly slide this article in their emails and DMs when they ask you,

Where have all the good ethical brands gone?

They are here!

Tip-to-toe sustainable couture

We visualized a look that is sustainable and all the apparels, cosmetics and accessories are obtained from fair trade organizations. Check out Everyday essentials for women who believe in Ethical fashion and Sustainable living

A basic white tee made of organic eco-friendly fabric

Nothing shouts sustainable living louder than a basic white tee paired with an old pair of jeans. A white tee is an absolute classic, you can pair it with anything and everything and it never goes out of style. What can be more sustainable than a piece of clothing that’s timeless? Make sure you get one that is made of natural, eco-friendly fabrics like cotton or linen.

We love how @shannonvallespace has styled her basic white tee with a pair of ripped black skirt. Minimalistic yet chic.

Get yours from

Vegan, clean and cruelty-free cosmetics

The market is saturated with cruelty-free and organic cosmetic brands but the question arises. Are they really cruelty-free? Ethical fashion and clean beauty blogger @mademoisellepanka vouch on the credibility of these amazing beauty products. A lot of beauty brands are realizing the importance of clean beauty. Consumer behavior has also played a major role in the way cosmetics are made.  As someone who lives sustainably, products that are tested on animals are a complete no-no. It is important that the cosmetics are made in ethical facilities and are free of harmful chemicals which is exactly what clean beauty offers.

Check out these beauties from Elate cosmetics, nuevolutioncosmetics and vapourbeauty

A stylish tote bag to carry all your essentials.

Heading out to the beach? We’ve got you covered. Check out this ‘Boats’ large tote bag that resonates with EcoRight bag’s fair trade and slow fashion policy. Audited to 4 pillar standards of SEDEX, EcoRight provides sustainable, reusable alternatives to single-use plastic bags. The products are quirky and fun and almost all the designs revolve around the environment.

Pair the ‘boats’ beach bag with an eco-swimwear and rock it like @jadeevice!

Tip: Go for Heirlooms. A large part of slow fashion is second-hand clothes. Check out this Assamese silk woven saree worn by the very pretty @mom_on_skates. The saree belongs to her grandmother who passed it on to her mother who eventually gave it to @mom_on_skates.

Alright, so you guys check these links out and write to me at [email protected] if you are looking for more credible sources of organic clothes, clean beauty products, and fair trade merchandise.

Stay sustainable, stay sassy!!


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