What’s in our Bag? (No Secrets here!)

Wednesday seems like the longest day in a week! Typical work breaks on Wednesdays look like going on youtube to watch interesting videos, talk about weekend plans, new designs, and all that’s less boring than a mid-weekday. 

One fine Wednesday-work-break, we stumbled upon Vogue’s In the Bag series. And we thought, “Ahh well, we make bags, so why not!”

So here’s our version of What’s in the bag? series. Ready to see what we have inside our bags? 

Puppies, and all things organic!

Yes, the bags we make are pretty spacious to carry your puppy around wherever you go. But other than that, as the saying goes, “We like to keep things organic!”  

Organic cotton and Juton (50% jute, 50% cotton) have a sustainable impact- lesser water, lesser energy, and lesser resources used throughout. So we happily keep them as part of our bags. These source materials are ethically sourced and are certified with SEDEX, Organic (GOTS, OCS)

Recycled relics you say?

Every plastic bottle ever produced still remains on earth. So we set out to unclog our lands and oceans with the power of RECYCLING!

We go to GRS (Global Recycling Standard) certified suppliers and collect the bottles needed to be reused. Now say hi to the inner lining made of recycled PET bottles and Recycled (GRS, RCS). And it’s waterproof. 

You may also find recycled cotton in our bags. Because it helps reduce carbon footprints by a whopping 36%. Isn’t that great?

Pockets full of sunshine, flowers and rain 🙂

Each bag is made with care and love for everything earthy! 

Our factories are solar-powered and employ rainwater harvesting facilities. And since organic dyes harm flowers and the soil, we put 100%  azo-free and certified organic dyes in our bags.

Our not so secret humble-brag

What are eco-friendly bags without good impact? Just bags!

Our stakeholders include every conscious consumer, NGO organisations we have tied up with and a big conscious audience. 

As part of our social project, at the end of each eco-friendly purchase from our website, 10% is invested for our home planet. The conscious customer decides which cause to donate to. For this, we tied with the CARE Foundation and SayTrees, both organizing efforts on the ground level to make our community a better place. 

The glue that holds everything together!

The hands that craft these bags are everything. Sort of like the vegan handles of a sustainable handbag (without the handles, well you get the idea).

Without a fair work environment and inclusive environmentalism, we would never move forward to collectively face a climate crisis. Here’s to getting FairTrade and Sedex 4 pillar certified!

That unmissable thing in our bag.


Before you carry on with our bags, they reach your doorstep in eco-packaging sleeves made from cornstarch that are 100% biodegradable and compostable. 

We love putting notes and bookmarks made out of recycled paper inside. Call this a gift from us, for the planet and you 😉

What can you carry in these eco-bags?

Ecoright Au Naturale

Ahh, anything your heart wants to! 
Phew, that’s that. We carry sunglasses, reusable water bottles and other things in our bags, but most importantly, we carry impact (got a better punchline? Tell us in comments ;))