The Team

Everything we do circles back to
the planet we love

Welcome to our little forest

Udit’s the resident Panda. Not only because he looks like one but also because he’s extremely fond of sleeping and eating. As the founder of EcoRight, his dream is to make a large sanctuary for all at-risk animals. Udit handles marketing and operations at EcoRight. When he’s not running around trying to think of the next big bag, he’s dreaming about being an Oscar Winning Award actor (he has a speech prepared). You can find him on [email protected]


The Panda

Nikita - The Human The only human in our forest, Nikita brings order to this madness filled jungle. Nikita’s the co-founder of EcoRight and dreams of a world which isn’t polluted and filled with trash. To do this she strives to create amazing products that would make every single person in the world want to live a sustainable life. She handles sales, product development and creative at EcoRight. You can find her on [email protected]


The Human

The wisest animal in our jungle, Sanjiv mentors every aspect of EcoRight. With over 5 decades of experience in saying no to plastic and 3 decades of experience in sustainable manufacturing, he leads and advises all our production and development operations. While he’s an engineer by profession, he proudly calls himself a tailor for the environment. You can find him on [email protected]


The Lion

Precise and accurate, just like an eagle, that’s how Priyesh manages the finances at EcoRight. While his masters degree says finance, he actually majored in tom-foolery and shenanigans. You can often find him running around the office shouting, “show me the money!”


The Eagle

Watching Princy work an excel file is like a deer prancing in the forest, pure poetry! Princy manages ecommerce and fulfillment at EcoRight. She also handles any task thrown at her, no questions asked! She has a young daughter and is passionate about creating a better planet for her.


The Deer

Karina is our product designer, graphic designer, social media designers… you get the idea. All around design queen and art director! Heavily inspired by the Japanese culture, you can find her in her Kimono furiously working on her laptop churning out the next big bag. And she does it all with the flair of a flamingo!


The Flamingo

Shaqib is a project manager at EcoRight. Just like a wolf, he works alone very efficiently and is fiercely loyal. When he isn’t searching for the next big idea, he’s regaling us with his quiz stories (we’re too polite to tell him to stop, maybe he’ll just read this)


The Wolf

Silent to a fault just like a butterfly, Farheen is industrious, hardworking and very very quiet! Farheen is the website administrator and SEO specialist so she takes care of every customer on our website!


The Butterfly

Nayna is smart and graceful like a Dolphin! She is our ecommerce executive and makes sure that our products look beautiful across every website in the world!


The Dolphin

Energetic and bubbly, Zarmin hops around from desk to desk in office working on marketing and sales projects with everyone in the team. Zarmin’s motto is, no task left undone!


The Rabbit

Fierce, yet gentle - Gyansingh is the rhinoceros in our jungle. Respected by everyone, Gyansingh manages our store, packing and logistics.


The Rhinocerous

Curious and inquisitive like a cat, Snehil is one of our designers. Just like a cat, she jumps from task to task quickly completing them and moving on!


The Cat

Industrious and busy - just like a Bee! Aashrawi is part of our business development team and works tirelessly to find more companies to make sustainable!


The HoneyBee

Nidhi flaps her wings like a dragonfly and zooms off from task to task in her role as Design Intern!


The Dragonfly


Kanika is one of the original ideators of EcoRight and is instrumental in getting EcoRight off the ground! She’s a graduate from the National Law University in Jodhpur and currently works as an environmental lawyer, fighting to save our planet's forests, animals and rivers. She advises EcoRight on design, legal and general youthfulness. Also, she likes snakes.


The HoneyBee

Romen is a marketing whiz, having worked with some of the largest brands in India through FMCG, advertising, tech, broadcasting and renewable energy! He’s currently the Chief Marketing Officer in Norquest Brands. He was previously Vice President at Radio Mirchi. An MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, Romen’s keen marketing sense is the litmus test for all EcoRight sales and marketing plans.


The Dragonfly