The right bags for the right occasions (Or is there even a right one?)

There are three kinds of people:

The one who has one bag for every style.

The one who goes around with their backpack.

And the one who just wears something with pockets (or carries a sling bag)! 

While most of us love to wander hands-free, a good bag always turns out to be our life-savers. Don’t you agree?

When was the last time you tried to get out of small talk and you didn’t have to rummage through your bag for your phone because it was perfectly tucked into the inner pocket of your bag? 

Or when you didn’t have cash on your card, you realise a secret pocket in your bag has saved quite some money to go!

And all the times you had your bag to fidget with because you’re nervous before a date or an interview!

What if we say we have THE Bag for all different events in your life? And when there’s a right balance of ethics and aesthetics that go behind the creation of a bag, you just have to kick back and enjoy the ride! (Also, stick till the end for a surprise list of top 5 bags for popular occasions)

Antitote to your midweek blues

When you’re in the mood for a midweek getaway to your friends’ house to chill, all you need is your good ol’ tote bag that’s earth-friendly and spacious!

BTW, did you know your tote bag dates back to the 1940s?

The first tote bag was used to carry ice and wood (gosh!) It was manufactured by a US company called LL Bean created the bag was sturdy, practical and lasted for 20 years!

At present, the tote bag has become pretty mainstream for casual use. So, if you’re in for an evening snack at the cafe or for an impromptu random trip to a rave party, you can tote all your stuff in a simple tote bag

And if you’re on your way to get some work done, or buy books, a cool zipper tote will definitely be your amigo 🙂

An antidote to your weekday boredom can also be sweating out at the gym. Don’t forget to get your playlist ready in your gym tote! And if you’re up for it, carry your puppy for a happy workout session.

Also, if you want your weekend grocery run made elegant and sustainable, you can use totes made with 100% cotton mesh. Pfftt, it’s easy to wash and reuse too! Another reason to love these bags? They are eco-friendly and made with love in ethically certified manufacturing facilities.

Handbags (More like get-shit-done kinda bags?)

Have you ever felt extra confident when you walk with your head held high, carrying a bag that stows all that you need through the day?

The perfect sidekick to seize your day would be a lightweight and chic handbag bag!

Be it work, or a late brunch, we bet you can create different matching style sets with your go-to shoulder bags. Throw in all your essentials, and go on your daily adventures without a care, because the inner pockets keep things organized, and the zipper avoids your secrets from spilling 😉

Also, if you’re carrying a sustainable shoulder bag, it’s a wear good-feel good sorta day!

Convertible Backpacks (Made for Adulting/Adventuring)

Who’s in for both adulting and adventure at the same time? Practically all of us who’re 20 above, yes. The ultimate saviour backpack for this phase of life is an eco-friendly convertible. Eco-friendly because you’re an adult remember (being an adult=conscious choices)?  When life gave us totes, we made backpacks along with them and voila! convertible tote backpacks.

If you ever go on a hike (probably after watching Into The Wild), don’t fret over disorganised stuff when you have a good backpack. And later if you decide to go for a work meeting or a casual dinner with friends, convert the backpack into a tote! The coolest crossover of the century, tbh!

The party-night bags (finally what you’ve been waiting for?)

Ask us what you have to carry to a party or date, we’d say classy shoulder bags!

We needed them, so we designed pretty moon and baguette bags for you without making a mess of our planet. 

Just Sling it!

The sling bag is the wing person for a daily hustle life. Also being chic is easier when you don’t have to care about anything else but the vibe you’re in!

And a bag that goes anywhere and carries most of what you should carry is our stay-low but chill-flex sling bag. And brownie points for carrying an earth-friendly sling bag. 

Lastly, your wardrobe must-haves are seasonal favourites because how else will we carry wine and cake? And of course, you might be going crazy over many gift options for your loved ones. Head here to check out gifts that your friends and family will love to keep!

Now, here’s the surprise we promised in the beginning!

We picked the top 5 of our favourite bag collections for different occasions. All our bags are made ethically and are good for the planet because fast fashion sucks big time!

  1. A rooftop date night ft. our Moody Daisies baguette and if you’re going to a beach-side cafe, enjoy cocktails with Aloha!
  2. Your friend calls for an impromptu chill party, so you would want to carry our Awesome Moosome or Tiger Stripes
  3. If you are or you know someone who’s adventurous af, then Turning Tides is for you!
  4. Whenever you feel like doing something new, carry along our Night Safari, Spring Breeze or Global Worming 😉
  5. For anything and everything, presenting our Everything and Chic handbags

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