The Plastic-Free Journey: A Beginner’s Diary

If you care about our planet earth and you want to do something to help, this diary has been written for you!

This Plastic-Free July, millions of people joined together to begin their journey towards a sustainable and earth-friendly lifestyle. People take up actions that reduce the demand for plastic, thereby helping in unclogging our oceans and landfills. 

And in August, habits that reduce plastic waste develop. The hangover of Plastic-free July continues!

The journey may be a bit testing and imperfect, but together, we get to make it a wholesome ride!

This journal belongs to a beginner in the plastic-free journey. So the advisory would read 

Imperfections are not highlighted. Maximum Fun Involved!

So let’s dive in.

7.30 AM (Unless it’s a Sunday and you decide to sleep in till 12 pm)

Be it WFH or the long commute to the office, Monday mornings are the hardest generally. But nowadays, there’s something special about the morning routine.

Brushing my teeth with a bamboo toothbrush!

Not much of a surprise I know.

But think about it. It’s better for your mouth, it saves up a lot of money and it’s good for the planet. So the first thing a beginner pursuing a plastic-free lifestyle does is to get a fine bamboo toothbrush. Another goal I have is to gradually switch to eco-friendly vegan toothpaste. Real soon!

8.45 AM (of aesthetics and earth-friendliness)

After a light stretch through yoga or low-intensity cardio, I go get milk in my newly bought glass bottles. 

Phew, gone are the days when I used to buy milk in packets, plastic bottles, and cartons. 

To spice up breakfast time with some aesthetics and earth-love, I got a new clay cereal bowl. It’s a one-time investment and a utensil that lasts for quite a long time. Definitely better than the usual plastic bowl I used.

9.30 AM (Carrying something special can make one’s day)

On weekdays, I quickly dress up, grab all the essentials, including my laptop, and put them into a spacious and sustainable tote bag that I recently got. 

You have two things to flaunt when you get a tote bag like this. 

One, it’s earth-friendly and two, it’s classy and chic. 

Absolutely love going to work carrying a bag that leaves fewer footprints on the environment. I have to write this. Just to know that 91% water was conserved and 8 PET bottles were saved from clogging the oceans in making a bag makes me feel good in between hectic work meetings.

9.35 AM (Rush back home because I forgot to take something important)

Well, we’ve all been there; forgetting to take a face mask! 

As the third wave peaks and double-masking is a norm, I use a reusable eco-friendly face-mask and N95 mask as well. 

Most of the days, I forget to take my reusable water bottle too. So rushing back to take the cotton face mask is a cue to quickly grab my reusable copper water bottle.

Because, seriously, plastic water bottles are for single-use and they suck. BIG TIME!

11.15 AM (Petition for more snack breaks at the office please)

Snack time at work is the best. Not just because it’s a quick break and time to share snacks among friends at work (social distancing still happens y’all), but also because I get to show off my reusable snack pouches

Funky designs and leak-proof and food-safe features; what more can you ask for in a snack bag? 

Psst… They can also be conversation starters 😉

1.00 PM (Lunchtime, yay!)

Here’s a confession. I used to wrap my lunch box in a plastic bag and take it to work. Recently, I got myself a fun lunch bag that’s eco-friendly and thermally insulated!

Yup, that’s right! It keeps the food warm and delicious. 

5.00 PM  (Shopping aka Fun)

For some quick shopping, I had kept an eco-friendly grocery bag in my tote.

Refusing plastic bags at counters has sort of become a fun thing to do. Humblebrag, but the fact that I avoid using 50+ plastic bags a year, with a single organic grocery bag is something to be proud of!

7.00 PM (The antidote to busy/bad days)

A relaxing slow shower at home is what I look forward to after a long day of work.

I’ve stopped using plastic bottled body washes and switched to non-toxic soap bars.

Soothing, good for the planet, and all in all, give a feel-good vibe after a shower.

And voila! A day in the life of a plastic-free beginner. This is subject to change as more ways of going plastic-free are incorporated into the journey. 

See you soon,

To better earth-kind days!