The everyday guidebook for sustainable development

How to go Green and yet live the normal life- The everyday guidebook for sustainable development.

From school till college, I have always had at least one chapter every year telling me how important sustainable development is to conserve our resources. But, no one really told us how to actually go about it. For all I remember is the Chipko Movement and the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. No, I am not going to persuade you to go to your nearest tree and start hugging it randomly, I know it’s going to look weird. But what if you could go green by making some minor changes in your life that are hardly going to change your lifestyle but can really be a major step in saving the environment. So here goes your to – do list.

  1. Bye Bye plastic bottles

So, most of us have a habit of keeping bottled water in the refrigerator for summers.Well, it’s time you ditch your plastic bottles for good and opt for copper ones instead. Did you know that drinking water from a copper bottle right has tremendous health benefit? According to Ayurveda, when water is stored in a copper bottle or pot, it positively charges the water, thereby it balances the 3 doshas in our body, namely, vata, kapha and pitta. Not just that, it also kills the bacteria and slows down aging. You just got another reason to go plastic free.

  1. Be like Monisha

I think Monisha is the smartest Sarabhai out there because she chooses to ditch the plastic and use steel utensils and containers instead as her kitchenware, no matter they make noises when they fall on the floor.

She also uses her old and worn off clothes to make carry bags for getting vegetables from the market. No, it’s not ‘categorically middle class’. It’s actually the new fashion statement. You can also opt for buying cotton bags if you aren’t the craftsy kind.

  1. Be the DIY queen

It’s the era of DIY videos streaming on Instagram and Facebook, loading you with numerous ideas to use your old and broken stuff. This summer, sit down with your children or siblings and make such stuff. You’re not only recycling but also inculcating the value of the same into them. Probably, make a nice piece of desk using bricks instead of buying a wooden/plastic one. Let’s save the trees, while we still can.

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  1. Lights.. camera.. Pack up!

Whenever you leave your room (your room and not the house), never forget to close all the electrical appliances and don’t charge your gadgets till the time they’re totally out of battery. It is good for both, the life of your gadget and for doing your part in saving energy. I know it’s cliche, but, don’t you HATE it when someone turns you on and just leaves?

  1. Kitchen gardening

Believe me, it’s way cooler than it sounds and you don’t even need to have a fancy garden. All you need are some pots in your balcony and terrace. Plant according to the season and have the joy of seeing tiny tomatoes, brinjals and cauliflowers grown in front of you! Please make sure, that they get adequate sunlight and are watered regularly. What else, you can make your own manure out of your organic kitchen waste (Eg: vegetable peels)


  1. A visit to the post office

Do you know how much paper gets wasted in the junk mail which you receive round the year? And you won’t even bother to read it and from your mail box, it goes straight into the dustbin. It’ll hardly take an hour to go to your post office and get all your junk mails cancelled once and for all. C’mon you can save the postman of so much stress! And it’s the 21st century, what’s the internet for? Most banks even give you the option of opting out of paper mail. Do it!

  1. The eggs won’t come walking to you, but you surely can

Now seriously, how many of us actually walk down the street to get the dailies? All we do is start the car, get the eggs and bread, and get back with the blink of an eye. What’s the rush about? It’d benefit your health if you walk down to your local market for these small chores. Take your dog along or your wife. Saving nature is saving oneself!


  1. Buy a damn cotton bag!

Seriously, can’t stress this enough. Plastic bags are horrible. You use them once and if you don’t throw them away, they probably tear anyway. You know plastic doesn’t biodegrade right? 3 things can happen to plastic bags

  1. They end up getting dumped in our lands and ocean and end up killing animals
  2. You might not realise, but it’s poisoning us.
  3. Seen all those black goop pollution clouds? It’s us burning those plastics. It’s carbon monoxide and it’s fatal.

Buy a cotton bag and use it. Next time someone gives you a plastic bag, SAY NO!

These are just 8 of the million various ways. Let’s take one step at a time and save the earth, it’s the only one we have.

And no, I am no environment enthusiast, not somebody who shouts #GoGreen or leads a team of eco-friendly people. I am just somebody who wants to give back to the environment, what it so rightly deserves, and not by starting a movement, but just by changing little things in my own ways. You can do any one of the million ways (or my 8), and help make a better future. It’s worth it!


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