Sustainable Processes

Everything we do circles back to
the planet we love

The right way to manufacture

Did you know that the manufacturing industry is responsible for more than 50% of all greenhouse gas emissions?But that's not us. We realized long back that our manufacturing needs to be completely eco-friendly, otherwise it completely defeats the purpose of all that we do!

The right way to manufacture

Here's what we do -

Powered by the Gods!

We are bestowed by the great powers of the sun, which illuminate our every move! LOL JK. We use solar energy to power our facilities. It's pretty cool cause it's basically pulling something out of thin air. Also, it keeps us away from fossil fuels which is awesome.

We love the rain

So much so, that we don't let any of it go waste. Our factories are equipped with rainwater harvesting facilities. That means that all the rain water that comes down on us, is re-routed and goes deep into the ground replenishing the ground water. This makes us really happy 😀

Emissions are gross

Emissions are gross

No emissions at all. Emissions are gross. They stink up the air, cause global warming, make everything uninhabitable. So we decided to eliminate them. Simple.

We hate noise

We love the Cheetah. Of course, cause it’s fast. But more importantly cause it’s quiet. Our factories are tested for noise pollution and we’re proud that we were rated “Cheetah” (okay, it was some technical term but you know what we mean).

We hate noise
Plastic Sucks

Zero tolerance for plastic

We have zero tolerance for plastic. Single-use plastic is probably one of the worst things to happen to our planet, and we don’t allow it in our world. Kbye!