Super cool eco-friendly brands to watch out for this plastic-free July!

Plastic free July Alternatives

Howdy people! How is this plastic-free July going for you?

If you ask us, we believe in a plastic-free January, February, March – and all the months! 

But why choose only JULY to go plastic-free? We thought the same thing, and we found something interesting. Read below to know more!

Plastic-free July started in 2011, with the simple challenge of reducing plastic usage for a whole month to search for some environmental positivity! Which, fast forward to today has become a revolutionary movement with 10+ years of sweeping away the single-use plastic culture every year for a month resulting in a huge impact.

Globally this initiative has remarkably reduced around 2.1 billion tonnes of waste & pushed 300 million kgs of plastic for recycling! Woah, now that’s huge! 

Do you also want to go plastic-free? But don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got ya!

We’ve created a list of cool eco-friendly brands that make just the right sustainable products in each category of daily usage which would help you swatch plastic from each corner of your day with ease. 

These brands make it possible for you to live a sustainable lifestyle every day, without compromising on your lifestyle!

Fashion but make it sustainable! 
Check out these brands for your swatch to a sustainable wardrobe! 

No nasties – Clothing  

A sleek outfit surely makes you feel good for the day but how about an outfit that makes you feel good while also removing CO2 from the environment? 

Plastic free July Alternatives

Check them here

Made of 100% organic cotton, every product you buy from No Nasties removes more CO2 from the air than it creates to make it, ship it, and even wash & wear it

Ethik – Wallet 

Okay but before leaving the house don’t forget your wallet – not just a wallet, an eco-friendly wallet that’s better for the planet! 

Check them here

Cruelty-free and made of 100% Vegan Peta Approved material

EcoRight – Bags 

Ready for the adventure spree? Cary the impact you’ve made so far in our sustainable handbags! 

Check them here

Our bags are made from 100% organic cotton and recycled PET bottles, they have 91% less water consumption, 46% less carbon footprint & 62% less energy consumption. 

Time for the much-needed self-care but in an earth-cool way! 

Check out these brands for your swatch to sustainable personal care! 

Juicy Chemistry – Skincare

Want to indulge in some good skincare while not stealing the glow from the planet? here’s your one-stop solution! 

Check them here

Their entire range of skin and hair care products is hand-made with selected natural ingredients, sourced ethically from organic farms around the world. With eco-friendly, sustainable & recyclable packaging.

Saathi  – Menstrual hygiene

Around 12.3 billion+ sanitary napkins reach our landfills each year adding to the plastic pollution! Saathi makes pads that are biodegradable, compostable, and degrade within six months – 1200 times faster than plastic pads!

Check them here

By replacing plastic and chemical-filled sanitary pads with biodegradable and compostable sanitary pads, Saathi contributes to reducing considerable amounts of plastic waste and CO2 emissions. 

Nothing beats the soothing rest you get at home! Why not make it sustainable?
Check out these brands for your swatch to sustainable home care! 

Beco India – Home care & Kitchen care 

A plastic-free journey also calls for plastic-free disposal!

Check them here
Made of 100% organic bamboo-derived material, Beco believes in the right to a greener, cleaner and healthier present as well as future.

Root7 – Bottles

Home in or home out, staying hydrated is a must! If you haven’t checked out the new uber-cool and sustainable bottles by Root 7, you’re surely missing out!  

Check them here

Their super cool sustainable bottles come with therma technology and have zero plastic in their production, from making to packaging!

These were our few picks for you folks! A gradual step towards eliminating plastic translates into more cute marine members from the ocean splashing thank you(s) towards you!

Here’s to a great July full of impact for all of us! 🙂