Roundup – World Environment News (15th September, 2017)

India in electric car push by 2030. China bans electric cars.

A new auto policy by the government of India has an aggressive push towards moving to electric cars by the year 2030. China has also started making plans to end the sale of internal combustion engines, which could also come into effect by the year 2030. India and China, now joins countries like France, Norway and the UK. Austria, China, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Japan, the Netherlands, Portugal, Korea and Spain have set official targets for electric car sales.

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Hurricanes, act of God or global warming?

Researchers are saying that the horrifying weather that swept over the Atlantic is a light example of the things to come.

The Americas have been hit by 3 destructive hurricanes right after the other in the past few weeks. Harvey, Irma and then Jose have wreaked havoc over the recent past. The fact that three high intensity hurricanes have been chained together is a demonstration of global warming. Researchers also warn that, the weather effects that usually slow down hurricanes are likely to decrease due to global warming. Read more here.


Raising awareness on water pollution – popsicles of death.

Students from the Taipei city have made popsicles from water samples collected from the waterways of Taipei in an effort to raise awareness about water pollution and urge people to change their lifestyle. Read more here.


Popsicles of death


Australia makes further strides in banning plastic

Western Australia joins Queensland in banning plastic bags – coming into effect on July 1st next year. At the same time, environmental groups have slammed NSW for being weak on plastic bags. Read more here and here.


India – Maharashtra bans plastic, Delhi enforces ban

The Maharashtra state government has announced a complete ban of plastic bags starting April next year. Delhi on the other hand is making good it’s ban on plastic by seizing 20,000 Kg of plastic after the National Green Tribunal announced the ban on Aug 10. Read more here and here.


Elephant dies from consuming plastic

A wild elephant in Kerala, India has been found dead from plastic ingestion. This is one of the first elephants to die because of plastic consumption but joins the long list of animals that have died because of plastic – turtles, crocodiles, cows, seals..


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