Our top 4 green apps that’ll save your day and the planet’s (Tried & Tested)

As much as we try to get away from our phones and reduce screen time, we are inevitably tied to these ultra-handy devices. Don’t want to preach much but we think certain apps help us commit to lifestyle changes (except if you’re planning to go on a cell phone break.) 

Going green is mostly being in tune with the earth, and that would also mean less usage of mobile phones. But what if we say there are apps that help you with your green lifestyle, which are easily accessible, user-friendly and not time-consuming at all! Craaazy we know, but here are our top 4 picks!

Let’s dive right in!

We don’t have time  (4.4 ★★★★)

Ever felt stuck not knowing what to do for our planet? Sometimes, the least we can do is to be aware of the important environmental news and try to do the little we can. 

We don’t need apps to tell us how real the climate crisis is. But if you’re someone who wants to be more aware and feels the pull to do more for a better home planet, here’s one app for you. 

We don’t have time  brings you news about the environment, helps you reach out to businesses and make suggestions for a better change, and give reviews about products and business organizations. You can also send climate warnings, read about our planet and contribute to solving the climate crisis together!

The cherry on top is in the beginning when a Sign-Up reward is waiting for you. For every new member sign up, a tree is planted as a reward. Cool right? You can find this app on Google Playstore or Apple store and check it out now!

Think Dirty  (4.4 ★★★★)

Don’t let the title deceive you but it’s literally an app that helps you think dirty 😉

Before you think too much, don’t get us but Think Dirty can help you find eco-friendly cosmetics and beauty products. The app helps you sort potentially toxic ingredients in personal care and makeup products, so you can compare as you shop. Think Dirty rates products on the Dirty Meter, taking into consideration ingredients, certifications and health impacts. You can also keep track of the items you already own in the My Bathroom Rating. This is what you call the Sorting Hat among green apps! 

Think Dirty is available on iOS and Android. 

Ecosia  (4.7 ★★★★)

If you’ve read our previous blogs, you may know we go on and on about Ecosia.

Because it is quite fascinating how the simplest thing we can do for our planet is an eco-friendly search on the internet!

We are quite aware that digital data centres leave carbon footprints and will account for up to 14% of carbon emissions by 2040. 

According to the Search Engine Journal (SEJ) every time we say, ‘Let me google this’ and google something, it requires the same amount of energy as turning on a 60-watt bulb for 17 seconds. 

Meet, if you haven’t already, Ecosia, a search engine that plants trees around different parts of the world for the searches you make. 

In just under three minutes, you could download a chrome extension for Ecosia, and get on to plant trees with your searches! Head to explore Ecosia which is available on iOs and Android!

Ailuna (4.7 ★★★★)

Is it just us or have you felt alone while consistently building a habit? We’re all in the Uhh-I-feel-stuck phase together. So why not be part of a like-minded community and build an earth-friendly habit together? 

Ailuna is a sustainability training app that helps you with your eco-friendly lifestyle. If you’re wondering how the name fits in with the sustainability scene, here you go. 

Ailuna (ai luna) is Hawaiian and means “upwards, up there, aiming high”, just the morning motivation you need to get started.

Backed by behavioural science, the Ailuna app helps you in setting green goals, adapting to the low-waste and low-carbon habits and track the positive impact you’re having on the planet. 

iOS and Android

If not for an app, you can always shop eco-friendly to make our planet happy. Don’t know where to start? You can start right here 😉