How to party hard and leave no waste behind (Holiday edition)

Is it just us or are you rolling your eyes at how fast the year went? Because it seems like yesterday we texted our friends “Oh damn it’s 2021”!  

Anyhow, the world is ramping up to celebrate Christmas and the new year. And everyone who’s reading this is just waiting to close their laptops shut and waltz into the holiday season!

Before you buckle up and order those decorations or fine quality wine, hold up.

Studies show that globally, our waste level increases about 25-30 percent during holidays, making the season pretty unkind towards our planet. Plastic pollution comes to a record high, a lot of energy and water wasted and you have a guilty holiday hangover.

So how exactly does a sustainable holiday party look like? While we groove to good music with friends, we also ensure no waste adds to the landfills, clogs oceans and no animals are harmed. Because a happy planet is the most party-friendly!

That being said, most of these environmental impacts can be reduced with some conscious effort. With a little know-how, you can pull off an eco-friendly and sustainable Christmas without having to skimp on the festivities. From the tree you choose to the gifts you give, everything – big or small – can make a difference this time.

And who said a green Christmas can be boring? Hit ‘em up with some Christmas jazz and let’s get into how to party hard while making the planet happy!


If you sing in your mind while reading the subheadings, you deserve our best-sellers really!)

Last Christmas, I gave my heart to…

Reusable stuff!

Because reusable things see more Christmas holidays, save energy and don’t contribute to waste. Simple!

Be it the Christmas tree you got years ago, or the paper snowflakes from last year, brush them up and throw in some creativity (not glitter, because it really ain’t biodegradable)

All I want for Christmas is…

Homemade food made with locally sourced ingredients and some fine wine!

And before you start cooking, plan ahead so wastage is less. Check the fridge, avoid plastic wrapping, and get some reusable earthy cutlery.

But we know partying can get in the way and things can be a little out of plan. 

The last resort?

Prepare a compost bin so you can toss remains to grow more plants! 

My Only Wish this year is… 

To get thoughtful presents that can grow or remain, even as memories in Google photos. 

We’re talking about biodegradable gifts and experiences that just need online pre-booking!

If you want to know more about thoughtful and easy gifts to give your loved ones this holiday season, check out our 10 eco-friendly & thoughtful gift options (the last-minute version)

Deck the Halls with 

LED Christmas lights. 

We all know that LED lights use 80% less energy than traditional incandescent lights. The cool thing is they also last 25 times longer. 

That means you’ll save on energy when you choose LED lights and have to replace them less frequently. 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Because you get to carry presents in eco-friendly and reusable shopping bags!

It’s widely said that holiday shopping can account for up to 30% of a retailer’s annual sales. It’s up to us when it comes to choosing consciously and carrying it in earth-friendly bags. Because we don’t want the most wonderful time of the year to cause harm to our planet!

Check out our totes to spice up your holiday shopping this year.