How doing good for the planet makes us feel good (Not a guide)

Picture this.

Once, in front of a roadside teashop on the way to Himachal Pradesh, India, you stop for tea. It’s a cold November midnight and while sipping warm chai, you notice a shop owner throw a plastic wrapper onto the road. 

Immediately, you have this urge to pick it up and put it in the bin. 

And you do listen to your conscience!

The shop owner sees this, and with a tinge of shame but goodwill, he smiles and tells you, 

“You did a good thing!”

You get this sudden warm fuzzy feeling inside. From then, you never throw plastic away and you stop others from doing so. And hopefully, that shop owner does too.

Have you ever realized that you get a warm fuzzy feeling when you refuse a plastic bag at the counter or get your hands dirty to plant a tree?

From conscious disposing of plastic to using solar-powered gadgets, name anything,

Helping the earth makes us feel good. 

Why do such actions make us feel good? Does going green actually make us feel good? If so, how? What is this warm-fuzzy feeling we get, that almost feels like getting kisses from a dog or eating something yummy.

Time for some research-backed study (it’s not boring we guarantee!)

Whatever little thing we do to help our planet creates a warm glow inside us. Don’t believe this? 

According to a research study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology,  “going green feels good because it elicits meaning.” 

The research shows people experience a warm glow after doing something green. The positive feeling associated with being environmentally conscious can overflow into our lifestyle and impact others too. 

But why do we feel warm and good after doing something green? 

Is it voodoo? Can Freud answer this? 


Of course, there are a couple of reasons like social desirability, charity, and gaining rewards and so on. But the explanation we like is simple and trim.

Sustainable actions help us get a sense of preparedness and doing something eco-friendly is thus associated with a positive and secure feeling. It is also accompanied by a sense of togetherness and co-existence, don’t you think?

Would you rather do something good alone or together with your favourite people? Well, it starts with you, alone. And then people join you. The more the number of people, the more impact and fun it would be. 

Another reason why we feel good after doing something green is that we find a purpose and meaning in that action (philosophical much?) 

*Dialling Aristotle*. This ancient Greek philosopher said “doing the right things at the right time” encourages a feeling of well-being. And sustainable actions are accompanied by a sense of well-being because it’s the right thing to do and the time is right (Climate crisis is too real now)

Okay, enough science and philosophy! Let’s experiment with how we feel after doing something green. Here are 3 interesting things you can explore doing today:

Going Organic 

Using organic materials is healthier for us and the earth. Buying organic fruits and vegetables from the local market can benefit you, the earth and organic farmers. 

We all know how organic farming improves the health of the soil and is beneficial to our health and the earth’s.

(Looking for something to carry your favourite organic groceries? Click here 😉

Want to hear something better? 

Growing a veggie garden on the terrace or just right outside your room can boost our mood too! Feeling healthy in your skin lifts the mood (obvio).

Embracing reusability 

We all reuse things more often than we think. From your brother’s T-shirt to the bowl you eat your cereal in, we reuse. The catch is, we have to reuse more products consciously. Have you ever thought of replacing the word second-hand with reusable? Isn’t it a much better way to look at the idea of using an object twice or more? 

Reusing a product doesn’t mean you’re compromising on its utility and other likeable features. It saves up energy, conserves earth’s resources and is one affordable way to go sustainable. To reuse also means to reduce waste to a considerable extent. Shopping products that have a sustainable shelf life and reusing them makes you feel like you made an impact. Don’t believe us? Try us 😉

Treating yourself to something eco-friendly and affordable.

The other day, one of our team members bought a packet of Grow Pens.  If you haven’t heard of grow pens already, these are pens that have seeds at their ends. So they grow into beautiful plants and trees after use! A delightful gift that does good to the planet and makes us feel good too.

There are countless other green and affordable products that you can check out right now!

Doing good for the planet is closely connected to feeling good. And our way to feel good is to make innovative and sustainable products? Check us out!