Eco-friendly Logos that can help save the environment!

Yes, you heard that right. But how does one make a logo eco-friendly? And how can you compromise on the logo?

The golden arches of McDonalds represent years of steady, quality food and service. The half eaten apple represents decades of innovation. The Swoosh represents sports excellence. But every one of these logos is reprinted millions of times every year and reducing inks on these materials can reduce a printers environmental footprint by lessening chemical waste including airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are created as a result of mass production.

This French designer has thought of exactly this. Sylvain Boyer, a creative director at Interbrand Paris has hatched an idea called EcoBrand, to help redesign brand logos to be more environmentally and economically friendly! Have a look below.


Logos that use less ink are just one part of Boyer’s vision. A full ecobranding exercise would recommend typefaces that use less ink (Gill Sans is Boyer’s favourite) to smaller business cards that use less paper etc.

At EcoRight, we’ve often been asked why our logo is so minimalistic. We’re a green brand, shouldn’t we have some leaves or animals in our logo? Yes, maybe we should. But we recognize that every single aspect of our business impacts the environment and by keeping it minimal we follow an Ecobranding approach.

We’re also excited to share that we’re in the process of replacing all our packing worldwide with biodegradable bags made wholly from corn and protein starch! More on this later!

Read more about EcoBranding here.

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