Celebrating Earth Day with an Impact!

Ine WOrld

We are celebrating the 52nd Earth Day today!

And even though we don’t believe that there’s just one earth day (365 days for us!) – it’s a good time to take stock of what we’re doing to help our planet!

We started to think about the way things are currently, and how they could be in the future. And something hit us – things that cost us the least are almost always really bad for the planet!

What if there existed a world, where climate change was a currency! And the things that are worst for the environment cost the most in climate change dollars. That would mean it would be cheapest to install a solar plant and really expensive to drive a car.

If we re-imagine a world where Climate Change is the universal currency, that means lower carbon emissions lesser the price & higher carbon emissions makes for higher price! Maybe then buying a plastic-wrapped sandwich here might make you bankrupt!

And if you were wondering what today’s fashion would cost…. It might be easier for you to afford a flight ticket than a new t-shirt because fast fashion pollutes more than aviation and shipping combined. Damn! 

Oh and if you were gonna choose a bag, and ended up buying a polyester bag over an organic cotton one – it would probably cost you 8 times as much because an average organic cotton bags releases over 2kg CO2 in production bs 17kg of CO2 for a polyester bag!

Don’t panic! We’ve got you! All you gotta do to reduce your footprint is switch to more sustainable options – here are a few articles that will help you do this!

Here are how some of our bags help you live a sustainable lifestyle!

23,440 Plastic Bottles Recycled Last Year
23,440 Plastic Bottles Recycled Last Year
Avoided 32,048,100 Plastic Bags
Avoided 32,048,100 Plastic Bags
Using Solar Power 27,760 Kilowatt Energy Saved
Using Solar Power 27,760 Kilowatt Energy Saved

By choosing fewer carbon emissions with each choice, you carry impact with you wherever you go! 

Happy Earth day everyone! We don’t need a planet B cause we’re gonna fix Planet A!