Delivered Smiles and Bags to Dramebaaz- A Teach for India Initiative

Change starts with you. I know we have heard this phrase so many times, so much so that it has left an indelible impression in our minds. This magical combination of the 4 letters invites a sense of responsibility, a zeal to bring a change and start from somewhere. That’s how we started with EcoRight. Our passion to bring awareness about plastic pollution and its role in the global environmental crisis. And that’s how Teach for India started. Their passion to solve the education crisis and eliminate educational inequity in India. Local or Global, the positive work we do always add up and so, as a part of our corporate social responsibility, EcoRight has been actively involved with Teach For India for the past two years- giving not only bags to the wonderful kids out there but also a piece of environmental awareness. This year, Roshni Rodriguez, fellow, Teach for India approached us for sponsorship for the winners of their program Dramebaaz (Dramebaaz is an attempt to teach life-skills, innovation and an understanding of the world through drama), and we just couldn’t say no. From the very moment, we received the sponsorship request, we had our entire team working on this single project. The production of the lunch bags was given priority over our regular lot. We had them dispatched before time. Apparently, the kids were so excited to receive the bags that they recorded a video and sent it to us. Such a sweet gesture, our heart is overflowing with love seeing the pure joy on their faces. Not only did they thank us for the bags but also made a video educating people about replacing plastic bags with reusable ones. These wonderful kids saying no to plastic and yes to EcoRight bags. All this love and kindness inspire us to be more actively involved in corporate social responsibilities. We are compensating for the lack of efforts of those who haven’t started yet by being the changemakers and supporters. At EcoRight, we are doing our bit for our community and the planet at large. We are not only saving our planet from plastic abuse but preaching sustainability in schools and educating children early on, all this and more along with putting a wide smile on their faces.


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