A tête-à-tête with our founder, Udit Sood!

EcoRight is an authorised seller on Amazon globally and this is an interview with our founder Udit Sood, covered by Amazon. This article was first published in Amazon Export Digest 2017.

Excerpts from the tête-à-tête

How it began

Reducing the plastic footprint and creating a positive impact on the work environmentally was always on my mind. And that’s how EcoRight as an organization was born in 2017. We are a young startup trying to create a positive impact on the world by offering reusable, natural, appealing, and affordable bags made of cotton and jute.

The journey

When we decided to start retailing these bags online, I was drawn towards Amazon instinctively because I am a loyal Amazon shopper myself. I also spoke to some other sellers and the general feedback was that Amazon’s global selling program and systems are far superior to other portals. The journey so far has been great.

Amazon & EcoRight

Through Amazon, we’ve been able to get almost immediate proof of concept. In our first month of operations, we were selling bags in places like Austin and San Jose. Something that we couldn’t have imagined if we had not gone on Amazon and FBA. Amazon was able to get us superior distribution and reach right at launch. Amazon has also helped us develop our brand credibility through customer reviews and ratings.

Unforgettable moment

We started by selling close to 100 bags in our first month on Amazon. com and right now we average around 1,500 bags a month. To do business that helps reduce the plastic footprint is in itself very satisfying, but to see that the work is impacting so many lives positively is an amazing feeling.

EcoRight today

EcoRight has six full-time employees. Our manufacturing partner employs close to 150 employees. 90% of our labour workforce are women because:

We provide comprehensive training and help them rise to a skilled workforce. Because we are audited by SEDEX (4 pillar) norms, we comply with all ethical, legal, social, and environmental norms. This means they have a workplace where they are paid government approved wages, they are paid on time and have a safe work environment. We also provide dignity in what they do by providing small value adds like a proper lunch room, specially constructed washrooms, easy access to clean drinking water – all in-house. We also provide interest-free loans to the children of our workforce that cannot afford to send their children to school. We also follow up with each child to see how they are faring in school and if there is anything we can do to help them along. We believe that every single person has value to add to the business. If they are not working as per potential then we make sure to re-train them. There is no insecurity about their work.

Udit Sood EcoRight, Ahmedabad

Fostering a positive environmental impact while ensuring enhanced livelihoods!




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