A peek into the behind-the scenes of the face off with Covid19

While we still face a deadly pandemic, we are taking necessary actions to deal with the continually evolving covid19 situation. Here’s a peek into the behind-the scenes of the face off with Covid19.

We make sure we put in effort to prioritize the physical and mental well-being of our team. Right after WHO declared the Covid19 pandemic as a global health emergency in January 2020, we began discussing and planned strategies that we could implement to ensure safety in the workplace. 

And just as the spread happened widely, we placed sanitizers in every corner and raised awareness about face-masking. 6ft apart was the new norm at our office. Ample ventilation was encouraged inside the workspace, and we consistently maintained the social distancing protocol during work hours. Temperature monitoring was done regularly, and special attention was given to team members who were not feeling well. 

Lunch-space division was our next plan. We identified that the one space that required critical social distancing was the lunch room as masks must be taken off while having lunch. Dull as it would be, we decided to implement lunch-space division, so everyone could have food in a safe space.

Faced with a new situation, we wouldn’t have done without the support and cooperation of our team.

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As soon as we entered lockdown, we made sure our team gradually adapted to work-from-home. Apart from the momentary laughs we shared when someone forgot to unmute themselves and started humming a song, we planned and implemented strategies for ensuring the health and safety of our employees, from our homes. 

As soon as we realised that testing for covid19 keeps track of cases and helps in giving clarity to people having symptoms or no symptoms, we decided to encourage testing among our team. Keeping in mind the financial aspect, we prioritized worker safety and organized to cover all costs of Covid19 tests for the employees.

Most importantly, the yearly medical camp and  blood check up that we organize for free, included vaccination camps this year. We take it seriously that people are aware of health conditions like diabetes, cardiac issues and vitamin deficiencies. We are also committed in helping our community by encouraging our team and interested people to participate in blood donation drives. Through these yearly medical camps and drives, people gain knowledge about their health conditions which helps them take precautionary steps and also foster a sense of responsibility within the community.

We realised that the annual medical camps proved useful for people who find themselves in high-risk categories during the pandemic, and helped them take necessary steps. This year, we included a vaccination camp, and about a 100 workers were vaccinated with the first dose, for immunity against Covid. The first in line were employees in the high-risk category. We also helped raise awareness about precautions one can take to avoid getting infected, and steps one should take if one is infected.

As the rapid spread of the virus takes place, we all need to shoulder the financial and mental burden of employees and their loved ones. Consequently, we ensure paid leave for a person infected by Covid19. Not to leave unattended the unsettling situation that a carrier patient goes through, we grant paid leave for them as well. While the current situation remains bleak, we decided to donate 50% of all the orders placed to Hemkunt Foundation, an NGO working diligently to organize free Oxygen drive-throughs and necessary services around the country. With the support of our lovely customers, we contributed half the amount of our 10 days sale to the foundation. Fighting this pandemic requires collective effort on a huge scale. Only then can we deal with the uncertainty that tags along with it. We are in this together and we will get through this hand in hand.


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