6 ways for students to be Eco-friendly!

Being an environmentally-conscious student is extremely difficult because a lot of sustainable solutions to plastic/reducing waste are either too expensive or just entirely inconvenient. But a little effort into the right alternatives could make a huge difference, so here are a few solutions:

  1. Take reusable bags to the store with you to grocery shop!

As a company committed to fighting against plastic, this is the best advice we can give. Instead of opting for paper or plastic which is both wasteful and unnecessary, use reusable bags. Several bags with every grocery trip can add up to a whole lot of garbage over a lifetime.


  1. Reduce the use of bottled water

Reuse old water bottles or purchase alternative bottles that you can refill instead of tossing out a new bottle every time you need to quench your thirst. In the long run, it’s cheaper to buy and reduces plastic waste in landfills and our oceans.

  1. Take notes electronically

In a world where we spend so much time on our phones and laptops, using papers may be redundant. If a professor allows the use of devices, take notes electronically and save a whole lot of paper. (You can also download doodle apps to pass time when you don’t want to take notes!)

  1. Power down

When you’re not using appliances or you’re not in a room, turn off lights and other electronics. An easy way to implement this is by connecting your electronics to a surge protector and flipping the switch when you leave the room.


  1. Borrow and buy less

The biggest advantage of college is the people living around you. So borrow and lend to your friends to reduce the number of clothes and cosmetics used individually. The less we add to our landfills, the better!


  1. Use cotton towels

Paper towels can be replaced with cotton towels as much as possible to reduce one of the biggest single use products. Again, in the long run buying paper towels is larger expenditure as compared to a single reusable cotton towel.

There are a lot more ways you can be eco-friendly, just remember to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as you can!

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