5 easy ways to go plastic-free [For the busy and broke pt.1]

Let’s cut to the chase. Breakups are tough! 

Especially if it’s a relationship like the one we have with single-use plastic.

A relationship that’s long, toxic, and clingy (and complicated too, because we use it, throw it away and, yet it remains with us on earth.)

And tbh, in the hectic online WFH world, it seems like we don’t have time to get out of this relationship. Because you can’t really think of making plastic your ex when everyone says that going eco-friendly is expensive and time-consuming.

And this brings us to the one question that we keep bouncing back and forth lately (no drumroll please, ‘cause mic-drop coming up ;))

 Is going plastic-free easy? 

As an answer to this question, we compiled 5 easy ways to break off the tiring relationship with plastic and go plastic-free. And you get to be the judge to say if it’s easy or not (seems fair, right?)

Though, in order to get out of this relationship, one needs to tread carefully (also because this is a you-can’t-be-friends-with-your-ex scenario really). 

But who said getting over our commitment issues with plastic is less fun? 

So here are hassle-free ways to ditch single-use plastic and start a new relationship with eco-friendly stuff. And we emphasize, without compromising a chunk of your time and money.

Basically, it’s a BREAK UP made EASY!


The important phase after any breakup (ofc after denial and being sad) is acceptance. Coming to terms with the fact that single-use and other plastics are toxic for you and our planet, can help us spring into action. 

What do you say we do a quick 30-second exercise?

Take a quick scan of your room. And mark all the plastic objects that are of no use to you anymore. Now pick all of them (a work break never hurts), throw them into a carton. Next time you go grocery shopping, check for recycling centers near you and dispose off the carton there. And come back to a decluttered room! Congrats, you have taken the first step to go plastic-free.

The Low-Key Flex

If we are asked to name plastic products that can be easily replaced which will help us save money as well as our planet, we name the plastic bottle beside our laptop, the plastic comb on the bed-stand, the pen holder, and the list can go long.

From toothbrushes, shampoo bottles, plastic cloth hangers to menstrual pads and razors, we become aware that we are knee-deep in products that we know contribute to the climate crisis and can easily be replaced by sustainable, eco-friendly, and cost-effective products. Let’s take a plastic water bottle for now (baby steps, remember?)

You actually save money and time by ditching plastic bottles. How exactly? Hear us out.

Carrying a reusable water bottle costs much less than 20 plastic bottles you spend money on (the math you did in your mind is right). A stainless steel or copper water bottle from amazon.com is a one-time investment and lasts for a long time! The same goes for eco-friendly toothbrushes, Saving money, the planet, and our health: this is the low-key flex of our age!

Saying NO has never been this easy.

Ever been at the counter and refused a plastic bag (even if you don’t have a bag with you)? It’s time to take such adventurous risks!

Although giving plastic bags at shops is illegal in some places, the practice very much exists. Carrying an eco-friendly and organic cotton bag saves time and money because you just need one bag for a whole year instead of fifty plastic bags that cost more. 

Organic bags are durable, spacious, and don’t choke our oceans. There are tons of affordable and earth-friendly bags that will shoulder you for a long time.

Don’t believe us?

Check out our chic eco bags for happy earth-friendly shopping. Also, grocery errands can be fun with classy and sustainable mesh totes.  It’s easy to say no to plastic bags right? 

The Quick Search

Sometimes, going plastic-free also means doing something green. What is the simplest eco-friendly thing we can do?

We are quite aware that digital data centers leave carbon footprints and will account for up to 14% of carbon emissions by 2040. 

According to the Search Engine Journal (SEJ) every time we say, ‘Let me google this’ and google something, it requires the same amount of energy as turning on a 60-watt bulb for 17 seconds. 

What if we tell you there are ways you could help the planet with just a single search on the internet? 

Meet, if you haven’t already, Ecosia, a search engine that plants trees around different parts of the world for the searches you make. In just under three minutes, you could download a chrome extension for Ecosia, and get on to plant trees with your searches! 

Talk about it and Double-tap too!

Ditching single-use plastic requires a bit of patience and consistency in the beginning. As we said earlier, this is a you-can’t-be-friends-with-your-ex scenario really! 

So when being busy and broke gets in the way of going plastic-free, you can do one last thing. Be part of sustainable initiatives, brands, and actions, simply by following them on social media. Double-tap posts or amplify them by sharing with your friends. Simple!

There you have it! A break-up with plastic made easy. (mic drop)

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