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The power to choose is within all of us and it takes just one conscious choice  to make an impact. We are at a crossroads where the only way to help restore our planet and create a brighter future is to be sustainable and responsible. Which is why we started thinking about ideas to create an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle for all of us.

Everything we do circles back to us and our beautiful home planet, so the simplest act we can do is to consciously choose what is good for us and the earth.  

And one fine day in 2017, when the penny finally dropped, we decided to make sustainable lifestyle mainstream! We set out to raise awareness about conscious consumption and develop fun organic and reusable products that can help sustainability go mainstream. We started with a simple idea.. to make high utility, well designed, ethically manufactured, affordable and eco-friendly products that help our customers live a sustainable and responsible life. Here’s how it all came about!

We began with the simplest idea: the source must be earth-friendly.

Organic cotton, recycled plastic, juton have a sustainable impact- lesser water, lesser energy and lesser resources used throughout. All our products are ethically sourced. You heard it right! And being responsible means potential to do more good every step of the way. So we buckled up for an eco-friendly and sustainable process throughout. Our factories are powered by the sun and employ rainwater harvesting facilities. And since day 1, we stick to organic dyes and say no to toxic chemicals (it just made sense)

With mad respect for all

While we made products that were good for the environment, we also made sure that we treated our workers with respect – this meant fair wages, high safety standards, no discrimination and opportunities to grow. So we ticked the next priority task off the list, ‘make our process fair and ethical’, and went ahead to get FairTrade and Sedex 4 pillar certified.

Staying vegan and cruelty-free, always

Being fair to our planet also means treating animals with care. So we pledged to be cruelty-free and even named our team members after animals! That means our materials are vegan, no animals are hurt in the making of our products and we love animals.  Lo and behold, welcome to the EcoRight Forest. We like it like that! 

Designing and packaging is the fun part of our story!  Efforts to do good for the planet can be fun, through quirky, pun-intended designs and eco-friendly packaging (all our packaging is made from biodegradable or recycled materials). We know the feeling you get when you unpack quirky eco-friendly goodies. And ah, the joy of doing good for the planet by using sustainable products!

But it’s not enough… how can we do more?

Somewhere we felt we could be doing more…because making an impact is a reminder to make even more impact. How do we create an impact that goes beyond our products? While we constantly work to reduce harm done to the environment, how do we help recover from some of the issues that we are currently facing? How do we and our environmental enthusiasts contribute to helping our planet further? These are the questions that keep us up at night. How do we create a greater impact, how can we help those that are working tirelessly to solve problems that face our planet today?

We decided to keep giving back to the community and our planet. But we also made sure everyone who purchased with us was a part of it too. Because we want everyone to carry a piece of impact with them! 

There’s a catch though… we decided to give back, albeit a little differently.

A lot of organizations donate, but as a customer, you don’t know what impact your donation created. What if we gave you the power to donate.. What if you decided and were able to measure the impact of your donation?

So we switched things up. When we designed our giving back program, we made sure that we addressed these things. Here’s how:

  1. At the end of each eco-friendly purchase from our website, 10% is invested in our home planet. 10% of each order, not of profits. Managing our finances is our job, saving the planet is our job. It’s up to us to figure out how to do so sustainably.
  2. Here’s the second catch. We don’t decide which cause to donate to… you do. Yes, you choose to decide where the money goes, not us! We have tied with two very strong organizations – CARE foundation and SayTrees, both organizing efforts on the ground level to make our community a better place. 10% of your purchase goes to the organization of your choice and this way you can carry a piece of impact with you!

We will also be sharing regular updates on how your contribution has helped our planet. This is our small step to go forward in the quest for a better future. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us.

You can read more about the Social Project here.

A little about our lovely partners.

Charlie’s Animal Rescue Centre

CARE mobilizes efforts to rehabilitate animals and is home for dogs and animals in need. They organize animal rescue service, adoption, inpatient treatment for the injured, and even canine therapy! You can read more about them here

Say Trees

A group of environmental enthusiasts founded SayTrees in 2007. The organization does outstanding work in organizing tree plantation and water conservation processes. You can read more about them here.

We always remind ourselves that what we wear and carry has an impact. And it is within us to make sure the impact is good. We want you with us on this journey because together, we can contribute towards making an impact at home, on our planet. So buckle up for a fun earth-friendly ride 🙂

Start your eco-friendly journey with us today! 🙂

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