10 eco-friendly & thoughtful gift options (the last-minute version)

For the ones who didn’t get time to pick out gifts, here’s a pretty quick read.

We jotted down our top thoughtful and affordable af gifts that are sustainable and pretty!

There’s not enough time to think about what makes a gift earth-friendly and sustainable but just in case, these are some good questions to ask 😉

  • What is the gift made of? 

The gift we give must be made from eco-friendly materials that don’t mess up the planet in any way!

  • Who made the gift? 

The maker of the gift is just as important and should be compensated fairly for their time- Make sure the gift is from Fairtrade certified companies!

  • Is the brand true to its word? 

We don’t want green-washed gifts; we want brands who genuinely care about sustainability – from shipping to giving back.

  • How is the gift thoughtful and can it be reused?

We need more gifts that can grow or remain and not add to the already overwhelming pollution!

Here are our Top 6 picks, click the link, see for yourselves and gift the best gift you’ve given your loved ones!

Christmas special Kindle sleeves

Eco-friendly gift kit (bowls, candles, toothbrush and cutlery) 

A microgreens kit for macro goodness 

Lazy Gardener’s indoor planter

Handcrafted bamboo Lantern+Speaker

Holiday special bags to go places with 

And finally!

End of the day, it’s also the experiences that make the best gifts! So book online tickets to a movie, for a trekking camp or a concert!